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Pursue Perfection

Take advantage of golf lessons and instruction programs in Lihue, Hawaii at Ocean Course at Hōkūala. There's never been a better time to improve your golf game!
This is not your traditional golf school - we like to do things a little differently here in the islands.

The Hōkūala Teaching Program is a destination in its own right, with training sessions from renowned PGA instructors equipped with innovative training technology.

Practice Makes Progress. Patient, practiced, and engaging, the Hōkūala team—directed by PGA Professional Kellie Hines along with her Team of Professionals Cort Walter and Juan Gonzalez — will help increase your skill and lower your handicap.

A lifelong resident of Kauai, Kelly Hines belongs to one of Hawaii’s first families of golf. Kellie was the first woman to serve on the state’s PGA Board and previously coached Hawaii’s championship high school girls’ team. The Ocean Course Hōkūala Team of Professionals brings expertise, enthusiasm, and personability to each lesson, ensuring you discover your best game.
Fit Golf with Kellie K Hines, PGA, and Juan Gonzalez, Assistant Golf Pro

A New Way to Practice - Fit Golf sessions include golf-specific workout routines and swing drills to help golfers of all levels improve their swing technique and get a great workout at the same time.

Professional golfers know the importance of athletic development for golf. As a recreational golfer, you may not have the time to train like an elite athlete, but you can dramatically improve your game by adding a few swing drills into your daily routine.

Learn stretches and exercises to groove your swing. We will be using your golf bag as part of the exercise program. Working on power, tempo, and breath to find your optimum golf swing.

Join Director of Instruction Kellie Hines as she takes you through a unique golf-fitness workout.

Session Days and Times:

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday - 8 am - 8:45 am

Cost: $20
Dial in your long game with power and distance while finessing your short game with skillful accuracy. These two facets of a player's game are the talents needed in bringing home the putts for a rewarding round of golf.

Our Team of Teaching Professionals, Kellie Hines, Cort Walter, and Juan Gonzalez, will guide you through an easy, fun, and enjoyable golf session at the practice facility. All aspects of the game will be taught.

Clinic Days & Time:
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 9 am - 10 am
Cost $55 (includes club rental)
Rain or Shine with Juan Gonzalez
Rain or Shine is designed for golf enthusiasts of all skill levels who are committed to advancing and enhancing their game regardless of weather conditions. Juan Gonzalez, Assistant Golf Professional with 10 years of experience in teaching health, fitness, and golf, introduces a holistic approach to improving one's game. The sessions focus on optimizing your body's mental awareness, mobility, balance, agility, and power speed while ensuring the longevity of your body playing pain-free golf for the rest of your life.

Session overview includes15-20 minutes Warm Up for full body activation, then 30-40 minutes of Skills & Drills golf fundamentals through the TPI (Titleist Performance Institute Program), utilizing training aids and equipment, and finally a 5-minute of Coach Juan's Signature Swing Speed Conditioning Finisher to ensure you are energized and motivated to take your game to the next level of excellence.

Session Days and Times:
Tuesday and Thursday at 9 AM
Cost: $55 per session or $200 *monthly membership
*Monthly membership includes use of the training aids, equipment, and space availability at the practice facility.

Reservations required: Contact Coach Juan Gonzalez at 808.651.8292


"Trade winds are a fact of life in Hawaii. The harder the wind blows, the harder most try to hit the ball. In reality, it is exactly the opposite. Playing into the wind, you want as little spin as possible, so that the ball has a dead flight through the air, rather than a spinning flight through the air. It’s a technique that will serve you well."

– Jack Nicklaus


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